Heart Shield

I could miss you one more time

And fool my heart the deceiving it ailed

But how are you different from yesterday

When you walked away and left me to grieve alone?


I could love you one more time

And cheat my heart the pain it suffered

But is it worth the escape from the truth

After it is forsaken to return to the pain again?

I remember you

In the sheer melancholy slaved by priorities, trying to conciliate pragmatism and going over the mental turmoil; my head over a split second but seemingly so long, breezes into some field so green. Shoulder length grasses, still wet from the morning fog, freshness over the air that carries your smell… I’m walking… and you’re walking beside me. You don a frail smile but I feel so safe… I feel secured. That subsides my pain, my anguish but not my tears in reality… they flow, uninvited, confused as to what they signify? My momentarily bliss by your side or my untreated wounds. Or is my heart asking me to listen to it again, because I’ve shut it as long as I’ve followed my head to avoid the hurt. Is it asking me to step down, to stop the fight and go back to be in touch with the weak part of me- which surrendered but loved profoundly… ?


We’ve seen thousands of new sun and moon together

We’ve seen the high hills and the low lanes

We’ve build castles of love of imagination

And gazed the beautiful garden through the windowpanes


We’ve discovered life by each other’s side

And laughter for some shared joke

The ease with our hands held together

And the clandestine rendezvous under the big oak


We promised upon the purest and divine

Of the earth, water, air and the light

We’ll hold together till they all fade

We’ll hold each other until we win the fight

Truth Serum

It’s a mess

But still I think its right

It’s dark

But still I hope for light

It’s gone

But still I wish it stayed

It’s over

But still I want to belong

It was perfect

But still I am moving on