I made him leave me…

How do you love someone?

Without crying? Without dying little deaths every day?

Or do you immerse your whole being into theirs,

As they lay abreast, playful, and caressing your hair?

Have you ever loved someone?

Until your body shivered at their presence

Mind quivered in their absence

Unsure of this insanity and dethatched from reality?

How do you love someone?

Without a fight? Without wanting to kill them at times?

Or do you just daze out into their eyes between arguments

Make love until you erase off all your embarrassments?

Have you ever loved someone?

Until you gasped for air amidst bawling

Wished you were dead but longed to hug them

Think a million ways to run but never take a step away from them?

How do you love someone?

Without cursing them? Without ripping off your own skin?

Or do you just sway together clumsily on the kitchen floor,

Stepping on toes while the food burns on the stove?

Have you ever loved someone?

Until you sacrifice your need to be with them?

Purposely make them hate you till their grave,

Just so they can have a normal life with somebody else.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A sentence

I wish I could

write these words for you

to read or apprehend

but, you don’t like reading,

not more than a sentence

and my despair

cannot be contained,

in a mere sentence

but flows rumbling like

those thundering rivers, down

the mountains you never liked

with myriads of meandering streams

but you say, my love

I’m dry along the course

cause you love no mountains and rivers

Or me

I’ll never reach the sea

so I try and bury inside a sentence

Of 3 words and 8 letters

but you’ll never read them too


I never learned

What made me stronger

Made me weak too

So i confused myself till

It all broke down


Vacant of all lessons

And called it new